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Why Epitom consulting

At Epitom Training, we go beyond simply providing the relevant educational benefits of corporate training through our specialized approach. Our programs are designed with specific objectives in mind and we assess our participants in order to measure how effective each program has been.

Here’s a closer look at why Epitom Training stands out from the competition as a leading corporate training provider in Sri Lanka.

Customized Programs – Each of our training programs is structured based on market research that is initially carried out to create a learning plan and a set of desired outcomes. When it comes to public workshops, we try to offer training in areas that would be most beneficial to the current workforce at large. We also localize the content to be more context-specific and use multiple language mediums to ensure that the audience is unaffected by any language barriers.

Our corporate training programs are also developed in this manner. We will coordinate with our clients to assess the current level of competency in their workforce through mystery shopper programs and other similar research techniques. Once this has been done, we will develop a relevant program that is suitable for your organization and where all participating employees can benefit.

Value-added Services – Our service does not come to an end once the training has been completed. We can continue to support the development of your workforce by conducting assessments to see how well they apply the skills they have learnt. This will allow you to monitor if and when further training is required.

Practical Approach – The lecturer/ facilitator will create a friendly atmosphere within the program and will give all participants equal attention. The teaching methodology of the lecturer is very unorthodox, practical and will no doubt provide a ‘refreshingly different’ experience to all participants.

Innovative Solution – Through a combination of our experience in the field of training and our expert speakers, we can deliver training solutions that are designed uniquely to fit the purpose you have in mind. We maintain discussion with our client throughout the process to ensure that we provide exactly the right skills to your employees for them to become more efficient at their tasks.

CPD Programs – Continuous Professional Development program for organizations that prefer a long term human capital development to exploit the utmost effectiveness of their human resource. We will conduct a one day in-house training program, then set out a development plan over next 6 months for each participants, then the participants will interact us by email/web to follow up about the development. At end of 3 months milestone we will do a review and a final review at end of 6 months. We will charge a price for all the work and finally guarantee a visible change in the employee. Suitable for senior executive/assistant manager level who are being groomed to enter the management layer in the next 2 years.



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