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Six Sigma Strategy



Six-Sigma is a business management strategy originally developed by Motorola, USA in 1986. It is a systematic method for improving the operational performance of an organisation by eliminating variability and waste. (“Sigma” stands for standard deviation from the mean in a normal distribution).

It is aimed at improving the quality of process outputs by identifying the causes of defects and minimising the variability in manufacturing and business processes. It uses a comprehensive set of quality management and creates a specialised and instrumental workforce gradually improved for enhanced performance through development stages such as Green Belt and Black Belt etc within the organisations.

The desire of every business is to do better – Better than what they are doing today. Your business needs to be proactive to suit the change. No matter you are ready or not, the market around you keeps changing.  If not adapted, your business might be at a risk tomorrow. The customers are going to select the best vendors and suppliers. If you are not the best, you may not be the preferred supplier.

Six-Sigma strategy is one of the tools that you can adopt to stay ahead of the rivalry. Remember, it is required to be the number one beating the closest competitor. This workshop will help you reach there.


  1. Six-Sigma in its nature
  2. What is Six-Sigma?
  3. Six-Sigma as a breakthrough strategy
  4. Why Six-Sigma?
  5. How it takes you for a paradigm shift
  6. Relationship between Six-Sigma and profits
  7. 4 corner game (how selection of projects improves your profitability?)
  8. Keeping continuous focus on process
  9. Juran Recommendations
  10. Case study on plastic moulder
    Case study on industrial rubber
  11. How SigmaGuru will help you improve quality?
  12. How to become a “World Class Player”?
  13. Q & A session


Directors / Business Owners / CEOs / COOs /Senior Managers and Quality Controllers of companies who are not yet following Six-Sigma Strategy to achieve Business Excellence and any interested individual who is curious to understand and taste the flavour of Six-Sigma.

You will be better equipped to embark on the six sigma journey to enjoy increased profitability and to deliver enhanced customer value


Mr. Vidyut Bapat, CEO – SigmaGuru, India

Vidyut is the founder and the CEO of SigmaGuru, India, a premier organisation which advises business houses on the principles of Six Sigma, a business management strategy which was originally developed by Motorola, USA in 1986.He is a graduate with Honours in Electrical Engineering from IIT / Bombay in 1969 and followed post graduate studies in computer sciences in IIT / Kanpur. He is well trained on “Design of Experiment” by Keki Bhote, Senior Corporate Consultant for Quality and Productivity Improvement for the entire corporation of Motorola. Mr.Vidyut possesses 40 years of rich corporate experience in multinational companies such as Philips and Elpro, a former General Electric’s Company and in the field of consultancy.

Vidyut held several senior management positions in the fields of Product Management, R&D, Product Design, Maintenance, Engineering, Instrumentation and Quality Management of various organisations. He has widely travelled including USA, UAE, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and various European countries and has experienced the best quality practices which made him to be a renowned quality consultant.

Some of the clients of Vidyut are as follows:

• Autoelectronics
• DGP Hinoday
• Forbes- Marshall Group
• L & T
• Mobati RM Nairobi Kenya
• Pepsi
• Philips
• Solectron Penang Malaysia
• Tata Motors
• Vishay Components


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