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Mr.Vidyut Bapat

Mr.Vidyut Bapat

Vidyut has worked for a large number of clients ranging from Fortune500 companies in the field of Automobiles, Automotive Components, Construction, Electronics, Engineering, Food and Software;

Here is a partial list of clients –

1. Autoelectronics
2. DGP Hinoday
3. Forbes- Marshall Group
4. L & T
5. Mobati RM Nairobi Kenya
6. Pepsi
7. Philips
8. Solectron Penang Malaysia
9. Tata Motors
10. Vishay Components

He has conducted many training seminars and trained more than 2000 engineers and managers in following countries –

  • India
  • Iraq
  • Jordan
  • Kenya
  • Malaysia
  • Sri Lanka
  • UAE
  • USA
  • Vietnam

• Vidyut Graduated with Honours in Electrical Engineering from IIT / Bombay, 1969 and did post graduate studies in computer sciences in IIT / Kanpur

• Has 40 years of rich experience in multinational companies such as Philips and Elpro – a former GE co. and in Consulting.

• He worked in senior management in the fields of Product Management, R&D, Product Design, Maintenance, Engineering, Instrumentation And Quality Management.

• Has traveled widely in

  • USA, Switzerland and other European countries,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Taiwan,
  • Singapore, and
  • Malaysia; and has seen the best quality practices.

• Has written 11 technical articles and has 10 patents

• Has completed hundreds of quality improvement projects and had been instrumental in saving millions to the respective organizations

• Has worked for the widest rage of Clients ranging from Fortune500 companies to one-person organizations in the field of Automobiles, Automotive Components, Construction, Electronics, Engineering and Food; and trained more than 2000 engineers and managers.

• Has provided Instructional Course Material on Six Sigma to business houses and Training Institutes.

• Specializes in the areas of Six Sigma Quality and Design Of Experiments . He learnt DOE from Keki Bhote from Motorola, who in turn learnt it from Dorian Shainin himself.


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