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Sales and Marketing Training


Sales and Marketing are two interrelated functions which drives the bottom line of any business.  The growth and sustainability of the organization is mainly on these two functions. At times the sales man acts as an ambassador of the company. He also feeds in valuable information to the management which facilitates decision making. Therefore a trained sales force will create a long lasting impression on your customer which will enhance the organizations position in the market

This 30 hour program will help the participants to practice a professional approach in sales and will help them to have a basic understanding of the marketing concepts which drive their sales efforts. The participants will get Basic tips to approach the right customers, closing a sale, asking the right questions dealing with difficult customers which will be the cornerstones of the sales function. They will also be trained on Branding and Marketing which are the driving forces of any business today.

Course Content

Module 1 – Introduction to Sales Management

  1. Introduction to Sales Management
  2. Strategic Importance of Sales Management for the Organization
  3. Sales Funnel approach
  •           Prospecting/Initial contact
  •           Preapproach- planning the sale
  •           Approach
  •           Need assessment
  •           Presentation
  •           Meeting objections
  •           Gaining commitment
  •           Follow-up

4. The Decision Making Unit (DMU) for B2C and B2B transactions

5. Personal Selling Function

Module 2 – Planning your sales efforts

  1. Sales Forecasting
  2. Methods of Budgeting and It’s importance
  3. Strategic Business Planning and its impact for Sales
  4. Planning your Sales efforts
  5. Effective Prospecting

Module 3 – Closing a Sale with a Win – Win situation

  1.  Powerful Negotiation
  2. How to handle Difficult Customers
  3. Formulating a winning Sales Proposal
  4. Effective Follow-ups in closing the Sale
  5. Effective Communication and Building Long Term Relationships

Module 4 – Sales Force Management

  1. Recruiting the Sales Team
  2. Identifying Training Needs and delivery methods
  3. Motivating the Sales Team
  4. Effective Performance Evaluation and Sales Force Compensation

 Module 5 – Marketing and Branding

  1. What is Marketing
  2. The importance of Marketing for sales and the organization at large
  3. Basics of Branding
  4. Marketing Planning and Controls
  5. Marketing Research and effective Marketing Information System (MKIS)
  6. Integrating your Marketing Mix

Module 6 – Selling Services

  1. Characteristics of Service Marketing
  2. Challenges of Selling Services
  3. Designing the 7P’s and its impact for the Sales Force

 Module 7 – Selling in International Markets

  1. Role of the Sales Force in International Markets
  2. Innovative Entry Strategies
  3. PESTEL Forces in International Marketing
  4. Global Competitors

Module 8– Emerging Themes

  1. Technological Environment and its impact to Sales
  2. World Wide Web and Social Media Networking
  3. Innovative Methods of Selling
  4. Ethical Aspects of Sales Management


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