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Retail Merchandising Programme


Why Merchandising is so important today?

In today’s competitive retail business environment a retailer can not afford to consider merchandising as a frill or a waste. Everyone is competing for the customer’s Rupee. There are more choices out in the market for customers than ever before. With all these choices what will grab a customer’s attention? Many retail organizations invest heavily in expensive and high traffic locations, merchandise with leading brands, staff, Insurance, advertising and promotions etc.

Yet how does all of this affect the end customer? Is it appealing enough to make customers walk into the showrooms to browse freely, select and buy what they want and encourage them to return for repeat purchases?

Merchandising is the art of influencing the buyer’s behavior by the visual presentation of goods and services. Customers today are influenced by the visual presentation of a showroom and products within it. Customers shop with their eyes. They judge the products being sold by the way they are presented and displayed.

The retailer needs to be innovative and continually improve the standard of the merchandising in their showrooms.

This programme has been designed to help retailers achieve this objective.


Target Participants

All levels of Managers in Retailing and Shop floor Customer care staff members.


Course Outline

  1. Evolution of Retail business in Sri Lanka.
  2. Key Pillars in Retailing. People, Place, Process, Customer
  3. Role of Customer’s senses in Merchandising
  4. Importance of maintaining high standard Merchandising
  5. Evolution of Merchandising
  6. Shop layout and design
  7. Merchandising Techniques
  8. Specific Product Standards
  9. Merchandising Equipment
  10. Housekeeping Standards
  11. Store room arrangement
  12. Monitoring / checking Merchandising standards daily


Learning Outcome

  • How to appeal to the customer’s senses. Sight, Touch, Smel and Taste.
  • To provide with clear minimum standards for product merchandising, cleanliness and overall presentation of the showroom inside and outside.
  • To provide ideas on improving the overall visual impact of the showroom.
  • To attract more customers inside and keep them in the showroom longer to get the best results from their visit.
  • To provide examples of merchandising techniques that will win additional sales.
  • To provide guidelines to improve the visual display and presentation of all products.
  • To measure the effectiveness of the showroom merchandising daily.


Speciality of this Programme

The participants will be able to see and learn from internationally recognized showrooms that  maintain very high standards of merchandising from countries such as New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore,Australia , Thailand, United Kingdom and Sri Lanka.


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