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Professional Training courses

Epitom Training proudly introduces its in-depth training courses catering to the Sri Lankan corporate world. Conducted by reputed trainers, these courses include classroom lectures along with practical sessions, designed specifically with your organizational goals in mind.

As a growing corporate training body, Epitom Training steps into a new dimension of corporate training. With proven capabilities in conducting public and in-house workshops, Epitom now commences its in-depth corporate training courses. These courses are tailor-made to cater to the professional needs of participants and target their personality development as well. The courses are designed as classroom lectures with ample practical sessions and will be conducted by industry experts.

This type of training will see your workforce being trained over a period of weeks. Since participants will all be co-workers, this makes a more comfortable environment for their development while also promoting interaction between staff. Once the courses have been concluded, Epitom Training can handle assessment of the participants to see if the desired outcomes have been achieved.



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