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Process and Performance Management with Balanced Scorecard & Activity Based Costing

Intended Learning outcomes:

  •  Understand the framework for process & Performance management with the broader scope of such management.
  • Gain the in-depth understanding of the benefits of a systematic performance and process management with clear goals and objectives.
  • Implementing real world practical projects as a  performance and process management consultant
  • Learn the two most used tools for performance and process management, Activity based costing (ABC) and Balanced scorecard (BSC).
  • Develop solutions with the understanding gained from the two tools.

Class plan:

  • Process and Performance management – History and success stories
  • Understanding what is a process
  • Understanding what is performance
  • Understanding Productivity
  • Basic Understanding of Balanced Scorecard – Adapting BSC for commercial businesses based on the vision and mission built by the corporate interest.
  • Finding solutions through BSC for underlying problems
  • Benefits and limitations of BSC
  • Basic Understanding of Activity Based Costing (ABC)
  • Importance of ABC for product based organizations
  • Importance of ABC for service organizations.
  • Finding solutions through ABC
  • ABC Vs BSC

The participants will learn the concepts and theory of BSC and ABC through real world case studies in international business firms. They will then be able to apply the same to their companies. Implementing BSC or ABC is just half the job done. The project group should then be able to analyze the results and do a thorough gap analysis. All these will be taught with everyday case studies.

Participants will require making a group presentation on their weekly assignments with the results of the BSC or ABC.

Assignments and real world company case

4 cases of BSC and 4 on ABC will be provided as assignments.

Upon completion of all four assignments, the individuals are required to find an underlying problem or a solution that the top management is trying to find through process and performance management tool. They will require to follow these steps:

  • Finding the problem
  • Defining the problem
  • Understanding which management tool/tools to use
  • Carrying out the implementation with BSC or ABC
  • Results analysis
  • Gap analysis
  • Understanding improvement areas
  • Improvement plan


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