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Presentation Skills

presentation skills training


 Good presentation skills are vital for success in both the academic field and the workplace. Unfortunately, a constant complaint from managers and employers is that ‘poor presentation skills’ is one of the main problems affecting their productivity.

A poorly presentation correspondence creates a negative impression. It also hampers productivity as the meaning is often unclear. A business communiqué should be concise, clear and not ambiguous.

This presentation skills training taught by a mixture of practical sessions, demonstrative lectures, and self-study exercises. During the training students will be introduced to underlying concepts and principles of the presentation skills topics and will be introduced to the general practices, norms and rules in presentation skills. During the practical sessions students will have the chance to work in smaller groups and individually on exercises specific to the session.

Presentation Skills Training Content

  1. Understand the Key Roles of Effective Presenters
  2. Develop Your Voice: Breathing and relaxation techniques
  3. Use Eye Contact, Gestures, Posture and Movement for Maximum Impact
  4. Purpose and Define Meaningful Objectives for Presenter and Audiences Alike
  5. Formal presentation 1
  6. Ice Breakers and Team games
  7. Create Opening Statements that Grab the Audience
  8. Design the Body to Support Your Objectives and Opening Statements
  9. Presentation flow and Close with a Bang!
  10. Effectively Use of Visual Aids
  11. Formal Presentation 2
  12. Review and Identify Blocks to Successful Performance
  13. Prepare Concise, Hard-Hitting and Memorable Presentations
  14. Dress to make an impact and personal Image development
  15. Handle Questions from the Audience


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