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Positive Mind for Success

Target Participants

This programme is specifically designed for all level of employees


This programme is aiming to create innovation, professionalism and team spirit among the participants while uplifting the participants as value added employees.

The programme also aims to ensure organization success through its employees’ self development and enhanced performance.

Core Areas of the Programme

  1. Emotion Intelligence
  2. Sales excellence
  3. Grooming- Corporate and Sales

Course Outline

  1. Today’s Challenging Business Environment
  2. Emotional Intelligence

Understanding Self

  • Introduction to principles of Emotional Intelligence
  • IQ Intelligence
  • EQ Emotionnel Intelligence
  • NQ Intonative Intelligence

Self Management

  • Self awareness, Self development, Self motivation,
  • Self respect/esteem and Self discipline.

Social Management

  • Understanding others, Empathy, Flexibility,Communication, Building relationships,Learning on effective listening skills.

Benefits of Emotional Intelligence

  • Increased creativity, better coaching, improved Customer service, Process improvement, Better Team work and Leadership, Increase sales.

3- Sales Excellence

  1. Understanding the Organization
  • Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives (Main focus to get the employees attention towards organizational mission, vision and goals and contributing at maximum)

Selling as a profession

  • A positive behavioral change which results in Successful work & family life. Professionalism

Success in Selling

  • Understanding the customer, Building relationships, Mind frame, reaching goals, focused action.

Sales Growth through Personal Development

Moving out of comfort zone, Innovative, creative, developing new skills and talents, Becoming value added employee.
Sales Excellence

Understanding the Market, Customer (Internal & External) Competition, Build relationship with customers, customer care, commonsense. Team contribution to be the best and the most admired business Organization in the Market.


Programme Outcome

Persuade participants for a behavioral change in order to perform the job with confidence and a positive mindset thereby to achieve company’s goals and objectives.
Encourage innovative thinking, and professionalism in all day to day activities.
Change of attitude to motivate and inspire self development, self confidence, self esteem, how to approach every problem or obstacle effectively, respond to challenges, respond more effectively to customers and manage service seconds to win the heart of the customers and team work.


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