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In the 21st century looking at the importance of leadership theory is crucial. The fact that the business world is an ever changing place lends credence to the notion that the business organizations need leaders of all types that are willing to embrace change and lead the companies, groups, and other individuals with passion and success.

The heart of all great organizations is the people who drive the organization’s purpose and its success-the people who need to lead themselves and others. Combined with comprehensive pressures and the constant need to adapt and change, the demands of strong leadership at every level of an organization are essential to its strategic alignment, effectiveness and success.

Exploring the many ways personal leadership styles can affect a business, this programme empowers participants to lead with vision and confidence. The participants will improve their capacity to manage, drive employee and customer satisfaction, and accelerate profits as you examine the role leadership plays in the performance of the team and personal development. The participants emerge with strategies and insights that help them unleash a leadership culture across the organization.


Today’s Challenging Business Environment.

Power of Positive Mind for Leadership in the 21st century.

Understanding the Organization

  • Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Objectives
  • Main focus to draw the employees’ attention towards the organizational vision, mission and values for maximum contribution.

Importance of emotional intelligence for leaders

  • Understanding self and IQ, EQ, NQ
  • Self management
  • Understanding others
  • Leadership and the Art of Communication
  • Building relationships and team work
  • Listening skills, delegation and motivation

Leadership in the 21st century

  • The true responsibility of a leader
  • Understanding a new shift in thinking regarding what leaders do
  • Recognizing and engaging leaders for tomorrow
  • Examine the leadership style to see how it alters productivity
  • Create shared vision to build bridges for the future

Effective time management for leaders

  • Time management is not a technique; it is a change of attitude.
  • Being busy doesn’t bring results
  • Selecting tasks according to purpose
  • Understanding the difference between importance and urgent matters.
  • Understanding efficacy and effectiveness

Transformational Leadership

  • Leading change and developing individual transformational  leadership skills
  • Recognize ways to lead effectively under a variety of  conditions/circumstances
  • Lead effectively in times of change


Understanding good Leadership Behaviors

  • o   Learning the difference between Leadership and    Management
  • Gaining insight into your Patterns, Beliefs and Rules
  • Defining Qualities and Strengths
  • Determining how well you Perceive what’s going on around you
  • Polishing Interpersonal Skills and Communication Skills
  • Learning about Commitment and How to Move Things Forward
  • Learning to manage time for self & others effectively
  • Making Key Decisions
  • Handling stress – self and others
  • Empowering, Motivating and Inspiring Others
  • Leading by Example


  1. Combination of mini – lectures, open forum discussions,
  2. Real life examples, related success stories, video clips,
  3. Individual and group assignments. An interactive programme
  4. This requires a high degree of audience participation.


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