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Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Programme Content – down to the level of subtopics:
1) The Accounting Process
a. Working of the Accounting/Finance function in organizations
b. Accounting – as the recording of the Supply and Use of Resources
c. The Accounting Equation

2) Understanding fundamental Accounting Terms:
a. Profit vs. Cash, and its distinction
b. Revenue and Expenses
i. Revenue earned vs. Cash received
ii. Expenditure incurred vs. Cash paid
c. Non-Current Assets, Current Assets, Current Liabilities, Non-Current Liabilities and Equity
d. Capital vs. Revenue expenditure and need for correct identification
e. Depreciation and why a charge for depreciation?

3) The 3 types of Financial Statements
a. Profit & Loss Account (Income Statement)
i. Significance of Overhead costs
ii. Maintaining margins to cover Overhead costs
iii. Significance of Borrowing costs

b. Balance Sheet
i. Understanding the Supply and Use of Resources/ statement of Financial wealth.
ii. Understanding how the asset mix has been financed.

c. Cash Flow Statement
i. Receipts and Payments account as a planning tool – Direct method.

 The above content has been prepared for participants of middle level management categories.
 The content may be subject certain changes after a discussion with the client, and having identified specific needs of the organization.

1 day – 9 am to 5pm.

Optional contents subject to discussion
4) Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements
a. Horizontal Analysis
b. Vertical Analysis and
c. Ratio Analysis

5) Cost Analysis for Decision Making

6) Working capital management

7) Budgeting

8) Investment evaluations


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