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Corporate Training

Our corporate training programmes in Sri Lanka are also aimed at acquisition and enhancement of knowledge, skills, and competencies through teaching vocational or practical skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies.

Value Additions

  1. Mystery Shopping
    This is an additional service that we offer for the clients who opt for training programmes such as Customer Care Excellence, Sales and Negotiations, Telephone Etiquette etc. free of charge. We will be evaluating your staffs by visiting your sales outlets, making inquiry calls, sending out inquiry mails etc. Their level of competency in handling inquires and customers will be assessed and a report will be submitted to the management before conducting the training programme. Additionally the outcomes and the identified skill gaps will be addressed during the training programme.
  2. Customization
    We understand not all the human beings are the same. So do your employees and your operations. Once a training programmes is agreed by both the parties, we will be having a discussion with you and understand your exact requirements. Accordingly we will be amending the content of the training programme to suit your company and its culture.
  3. CPD Programs
    Continuous Professional Development program. We will do a 1 day training at the company premises, then set out a development plan over next 6 months for each participants, then the participants will interact us by email/web to follow up about the development. At end of 3 months milestone we will do a review and a final review at end of 6 months. We will charge a price for all the work and finally guarantee a visible change in the employee. Suitable for senior executive/assistant manager level who are being groomed to enter the management layer in the next 2 years.
  4. Delivered in All Three Languages
    If the client prefers we can deliver these programs in Sinhala, English and Tamil.


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