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Certificate in Customer Service Excellence

Course Introduction

In a fiercely competitive corporate environment, many young corporate executives have failed to grasp the importance of Exceptional Customer Service. Brand perception or the waycustomers perceive you/your organization goes a long way in making or breaking your future. This perception is influenced by many factors: your products or services, style of communication, corporate culture, and the quality of service you provide at every “perception point.”

“The key to winning is to be brilliant in the basics” and this programme will provide participants with an in depth overview of the basics which will help you/ your company to succeed in the market place. This course is guaranteed to teach the practical aspects of customer service in a highly interactive manner. Each module will contain real-life examples and case studies.

  • It can cost five times more to buy new customers than retain existing ones- Source: TARP
  • 68% of customer defection takes place because customers feel poorly treated – Source: TARP

Our courses are carefully designed in order to guide the students towards the right path of excellent customer service with practical as well as theoretical coaching.

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