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August Programme

The programme “Spice Up Your Presentation Skills” was conducted based on the popular demand with the aim of spicing up the presentation skills of the participant. The programme was successful and the participants were greatly satisfied with the facilitator, Dr. Arosha S. Adikaram.

The event was carried out in several modules. The content of the programme covered a wide perspective of doing presentations useful insights in enhancing the skills. Following are a few of the core areas covered by the programme.

– Aspects of good and bad presentations
– Elements to be considered when preparing and doing presentations
– How to use video and audio aids in preparing for a presentation
– Video clips demonstrating the aspects to be noted when doing presentations
– Self assessment prior to the workshop
– A real time presentation on the topics given by the facilitator
– Peer and facilitator assessments subsequent to several sessions on presentation skills
– Video clips of the participants’ presentations

The event was participated by the employees of the following companies

– Nations Trust Bank
– Unilever Sri Lanka
– Tradlanka Advertising
– Mac Holdings
– Masholdings
– Research Consultancy Bereau
– Practical Action
– Vario Systems (Pvt) Ltd
– Mediquipment Limited


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